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Tag Project with suggestion (enhanced Branch Project)

Currently we use Branch Project to Tag a project.
It would be more comfortable if a separate context menu entry exist.

- Add "Tag Project" in SVN context menu, analog to "Branch Projekt".
-> Make the tag-name suggestion editable via options.
E.G. if the Project is svn://projects/ProjectA/tags
a suggestion for the tag could be default svn://projects/ProjectA/tags/100301 - in option will be stored something like this
TagPattern = ../tags/{YYMMDD} or th. similar

This can help if we tag a project often, we use automatically the right tag path and a certain tag pattern.

- Analog the diff dialog can be enhanced with tagged files in this configured pattern, e.g. I want to see the differences for the current FromA.cs with FormA.cs of the revision tagged with name XYZ on the configured tag folder for this project -> this can be added to the combo-box on the diff dialog ore something like this, just for more comfort.

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